XoXo Therapy LLC dba IntimacyMoons

Marissa Nelson LMFT CST CSE - Founder
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XoXo Therapy LLC dba IntimacyMoons
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Black Owned?:
Yes – We Are 100% Black Owned
Woman Owned?:
Yes – We Are 100% Woman Owned
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No – We Are Not Veteran Owned
Do you make or manufacture your own products?:
No – We Are a Service Only Entity
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1 to 5 Personnel
From Us to You:
Relationships can sometimes feel like Russian roulette. Neither you nor your partner comes with a manual, yet we know that each person steps into relationships with their own unique and complex histories that will affect your relationship. This is where having a qualified therapist and educator in your corner can serve you best. We provide you with the tools to help you understand yourself and your relationship dynamics so you can experience the joy, freedom and satisfaction of being your authentic self while providing and receiving the support from your partner in ways you both need.
Short Description:
Romance Travel Couples Retreats led by elite couples therapists at exotic locations (Hawaii, Barbados, St. Lucia) so that you can rest, reconnect and take your vacation home with you.
Couples & Sex Therapy Private for US residents of Washington DC and Maryland. Ninety percent our clients are couples of color.
Long Description:

IntimacyMoons is a mental health service for couples comprising a couples and sex therapy private practice for residents of Washington DC and Maryland, as well as a romance travel couples retreat business voted “Best Couples Retreat” worldwide by Bustle, Women’s Health, Fatherly and Black Enterprise Magazines.

IntimacyMoons was founded by Marissa Nelson is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist (CST) and Sexuality Educator (CSE) who has helped hundreds of couples rediscover lasting connection while overcoming all of life’s challenges together. She is one of less than ten African-American therapists nationwide to hold these professional designations. Her extensive clinical knowledge of couples issues yet accessible and contemporary style makes couples and sex therapy conversational, warm and fun.

An internationally recognized expert, she is the creator of IntimacyMoons Couples Retreats, rated by Women’s Health and Bustle Magazines as one of the top couples retreats worldwide. She has also been frequently featured in over 100 national and international media publications including the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, CBC, CNN Health, Glamour, Latina and Black Enterprise.

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(202) 932-0332
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XoXo Therapy LLC dba IntimacyMoons
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