Affinity Media Consulting L.L.C.

Affinity Media Consulting
Black Owned?
Yes - We Are 100% Black Owned
Woman Owned?
Yes - We Are 100% Woman Owned
Veteran Owned?
No - We Are Not Veteran Owned
Do you make or manufacture your own products?
Yes - We 100% Manufacture All of Our Products
Company Size
6 to 20 Personnel
Short Description
Affinity Media Consulting (AMC) is a leading communications and marketing firm dedicated to elevating brands across B2B, B2C, and B2G sectors. With expertise in branding, graphic design, website development, social media management, and 508 compliance, AMC ensures that every client's message is impactful and accessible. Our team of seasoned professionals is committed to driving growth and ensuring your brand stands out in a crowded marketplace. Choose AMC for unmatched quality and innovative solutions tailored to your business needs.
Long Description

Affinity Media Consulting (AMC) stands at the forefront of the communications and marketing landscape, consistently delivering top-notch services to a diverse clientele spanning B2B, B2C, and B2G sectors. With a profound understanding of today's dynamic marketplace, AMC has solidified its reputation by offering specialized services in branding, graphic design, website development, social media management, and 508 compliance, ensuring that businesses not only thrive but also uphold inclusivity for all users.

Our dedicated team, equipped with deep industry knowledge, works tirelessly to ensure each campaign and project resonates with its intended audience, creating memorable brand experiences. We don't just aim to meet client expectations; we strive to surpass them, transforming visions into tangible results. As markets evolve, so do we, always staying ahead of trends and adapting strategies to ensure optimal outreach and engagement.

In an age where digital presence is paramount, AMC’s holistic approach guarantees that our clients’ narratives are not only compelling but also easily accessible to all. As your trusted partner, we pledge to deliver unmatched quality, innovation, and customized solutions that cater directly to your specific business objectives. Engage with AMC and let us help you carve a distinct space in your industry.

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Hours of Operation
9am - 5pm EST

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