LKB Consulting, LLC

LKB Consulting, LLC
Black Owned?
Yes - We Are 100% Black Owned
Woman Owned?
No - We Are Not Woman Owned
Veteran Owned?
No - We Are Not Veteran Owned
Do you make or manufacture your own products?
No - We Are a Service Only Entity
Company Size
1 to 5 Personnel
From Us to You
Vision: To help organizations and the people within them dream, design, and achieve a just, sustainable future.
Mission: Transforming the way organizations approach people-related performance in the workplace

Short Description
I help organizations achieve their desired business results using evidence-based approaches, aligning solutions to organizational goals, and making recommendations that produce valued results.
Long Description

I'm a human and organizational performance consultant who partners with senior leaders to bring about meaningful business results. I do this by simultaneously focusing on individual and organizational performance to realize the greatest gains possible.

I don't have a specific industry I focus on, instead deciding to specialize in human & organizational performance. While I do become familiar with each industry I work in, I rely on my clients' industry expertise. This is why partnership and collaboration is a key component of how I work. I ask lots of questions, which I've found to be powerful and meaningful when tackling organizational performance issues. If you appreciate actively pushing your thinking in useful, strategic directions, it'll be a pleasure to work with you.

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Business Address
1629 K St.
Suite 300
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By appointment

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