Strategic Planning Consulting, LLC DBA New Age Virtual Academy

Business Category
Black Owned?
Yes - We Are 100% Black Owned
Woman Owned?
Yes - We Are 100% Woman Owned
Veteran Owned?
No - We Are Not Veteran Owned
Company Size
1 to 5 Personnel
From Us to You
All members of GWBCC can receive a complimentary IEP review for a friend or family member that may have difficulty understanding their child's plan!
Long Description

SPC is an organization that supports school systems, students, parents, and companies by providing a menu of educational services designed to create opportunities for growth, expansion, and development. SPC serves as a liaison between organizations, school systems, and stakeholders in various aspects of education-related services.

​SPC also offers workforce development programming and training to organizations, school systems, and companies designed to leverage soft skills and employability training and support to increase marketability for all stakeholders.

Business Phone
(301) 532-5220
Business Address
8101 Sandy Springs Road
Suite 250
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